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​We appreciate you reaching out to Cool City Brewing to help support your cause. Our eyes have been opened to many needs that exist within our community, and we know yours is worthy as well! 


It is our desire to give back to the community that has shown us so much love!  Since opening December 18, 2022, we have received donation/sponsorship requests literally every single day, and we’ve enjoyed learning a deeper meaning behind each and every one of them.

With that in mind, we are a new business that needs to walk before we run. We have promised our team, and those who helped us get to where we are, we will act fiscally responsible in all we do.  To hold ourselves accountable to this promise, we put the following donation guidelines in place to ensure we will be around to give back for years to come.  For us it's about seeing our long-term vision come true.  We envision Cool City Brewing as being the legacy that accelerated the revitalization movement in the heart of downtown Two Rivers. 


If you have a donation or sponsorship request, please read the guidelines below, then, if you feel it's a fit, please fill out the donation request form below. You will be notified via email whether your request has been approved or denied, in approximately 1 month. 

If approved, please consider celebrating with a beer at CCB!  If you’re not selected, consider basking in your sorrows at CCB!  We still both win! 

  • We will not accept donation requests that have been called, emailed, texted, or dropped off in-person at the brewery. To ensure your donation is considered, the donation form at the bottom of this page MUST be filled out.  

  • Requests must be placed at least 30 days prior to your event - we plan and so should you

  •  If you are making a request for CCB to donate beer, the organization must provide a liquor license (or proper permits where applicable) in advance of the event in order to receive any donation of beer.

We’ve selected the following areas of interest that fit our mission and culture, and will consider donations that lean into these interests; placing emphasis on tangible/physical outcomes that will make a noticeable difference in our community.


Here are some areas & organizations to whom we WOULD CONSIDER donating to: 

  • Revitalization Efforts through Arts, Beautification, & Culture 

  • Community-Based Projects

  • Education - Schools

Here are some areas and organizations to whom we will NOT donate:

  • Organizations without 501 (c)(3) status or without legal non-profit status

  • Political organizations/campaigns

  • Causes outside of Manitowoc County 


On Rally Wednesdays, 10% of net profits is donated to local charities in Manitowoc County.  Beginning March 22, 2023, all CCB employee names will be put into a hat.  Every other week, we will pick a name, and ask that employee to identify a charity they would like to help. 

After they've identified and contacted their charity of choice, we'll all work together to drive traffic to CCB on their assigned date, because 10% of net profits will be donated in our employee's honor.  


If your organization or club is looking to host a fundraiser, please fill out the form & someone from CCB will be win contact with you.  Let's get creative together to see how we can help!



Get in touch so we can start working together.

Thanks for submitting! Someone from CCB will be in touch with you if there's questions, and will have an answer for you in approximately one month from time of submission.  Thanks!​

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